OJUS HOSES Stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses manufacturing range is from 6mm (1/4") to 300 mm (12"). The annular corrugated hose body provides the flexibility and pressure tight core of the assembly. Annular construction and the convoluted formation determine its flexibility.

OJUS HOSES offers Stainless steel annular corrugated hoses in SS 304, SS 321, SS 316 and SS 316-L grade. These types of hoses find extensive application where pressures and temperatures are involved.

Types of Flexibility:
OJUS B-FLEX HOSE — OJUS HOSES manufacturing range consists of class B flexibility as per ISO -10380 & BS 6501 : 1991. B-Flex hoses are standard pitch tubing for common applications include fluid transfer, process industries, oil burners, and misalignments
OJUS C-FLEX HOSE — OJUS HOSES manufacturing range also consist corrugated flexible hoses for Specific requirements of fine and close pitch hoses with maximum flexibility of class C as per BS 6501 Part I 1991. C- FLEX annular corrugated hose, a very close pitch hose for an exceptionally high degree of flexibility and high working pressure. These hoses are used for the most ardour flexing or high frequency at high temperature and high pressures. The pitch of the hose can be varied to achieve a range of flexibility and pressure rating as required for various applications.