OJUS HOSES manufacturing range consist of Stripwound Interlock hoses from 6mm to 250mm. Strip Wound Hoses are manufactured by helically winding a pre-formed strip around a mandrel of the required size. A packing copper wire, rubber or yarn may be provided within the folds during the manufacturing process to obtain liquid tightness. We can provide Asbestos and Synthetic yarn packing.

Types of Locking:

SQUARE LOCKOJUS Square Interlock hoses are used for Armour purpose offers excellent crush resistance and protects the wires, cables and capillaries against axial elongation. Besides it also offers protection against other industrial abuses and since the conduit is very flexible; it does not affect the flexibility of the optic fibers and capillaries.

DOUBLE LOCK — In OJUS Double Interlock the metal strip and the edges of the strip are completely interlocked with each other. This offers increased crush protection, and higher axial strength. This is particularly advisable in the applications where more severe industry environment is expected.

TELEPHONE CABLE COVER — We are also manufacturing cover for telephone cable in 5mm & 6mm size. It is used in Public Telephone Booth. We can also provide you the complete assembly with the receiver phone.


APPLICATION — Exhausts (auto, generator, diesel engines) tar spraying, blast furnace hose, conveying of steam, hydrocarbons, chemicals, liquid attacking rubber at high pressure and temperature, transportation of food-grains, fertilizer, gas, dust and pulverized/abrasive products.